Pets Tavern Bicycle Pet Seat
Pets Tavern Bicycle Pet Seat
Pets Tavern Bicycle Pet Seat
Pets Tavern Bicycle Pet Seat
Pets Tavern Bicycle Pet Seat

Pets Tavern Bicycle Pet Seat

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The Bicycle Pet Seat is a fun way to safely take your pet along with you on bike rides. Allowing your little one to enjoy bicycle rides as much as we do! This is the sturdiest and most stable pet bike seat tested – watching your little one enjoying the rider alongside you, you will be the center-of-attention on the road, you stud! The most portable and functional bike carrier / bicycle carrier 

There are days when you do not need to use your pet seat? No problem, with our locking mechanism, you can easily detach your pet seat and ride your bicycle without it!

Packaging includes

1 seat post mount with 4 long screws and hex key
1 pet seat (adjustable height and fore-aft adjustment), with 4 short screws and hex key
1 locking mechanism (allows easy removal of pet seat from seat post mount)
1 safety harness
1 cushion booster
Safety manual and installation guide (Mounting this onto your bicycle is easy! We will include all the equipment and tools in order for you to do so – and a well-explained manual to guide you along the way)

Why choose Bicycle Pet Seat when there are so many other options in the market?

Majority of bicycle-pet products are mounted on the bicycle’s handlebar or behind the seat post. It has been proven that these causes imbalance and poor distribution of stress on the bicycle. Resulting in hazardous ride for both rider and pets, and the unequal distribution will result in structural damages to bicycles.

Bicycle Pet Seat are center-mounted; allowing center-of-gravity to be as low as possible and more importantly, keeps the weight distribution anchored in the middle of the bicycle where it is structurally most stable. This ensures little effect on steering and handling of the bicycle, keeping the ride enjoyable and safe for both rider and pets.

With the Bicycle Pet Seat, your pet sits in an upright position that will give them the best opportunity to see the world goes by – enjoying the ride, as they should. Most importantly, the safety harness ensures maximum protection, and prevents your pets from lurching out of the ride.

Is it suitable for my bicycle and pet?

Engineered to fit a majority of adult bicycles; all that is required is a minimum of 48 cm (19") between the seat post and the handlebar stem for successful installation.

Carbon fiber seat post must be replaced with an aluminum or steel seat post.

The Bicycle Pet Seat will fit seat posts up to 55mm in diameter.

Pet shall not weigh more than 13kg / 26.5 lbs


Safety Checks before setting off (by no means an exhaustive list):

  • Never install on a carbon fiber seat post, only aluminum or steel seat post
  • Conduct self-inspection of Bicycle Pet Seat before setting off to ensure the product is securely fasten to bicycle. Ensure that there are no cracked, loose, missing or broken items on the equipment.
  • All screws and bolts are tight and secured.
  • Care to be taken when placing pets into the seat, and when removing them. Bicycle shall be stable and should be done in a safe place away from distractions – away from other pets and traffics.
  • Never leave a pet unattended in Bicycle Pet Seat. It is often good practice to keep your pets away from the bicycle, leashed and secured and on the ground, if you have to step aside from the bicycle.
  • Ensure safety harness is securely fasten on pets at all times while cycling
  • Bicycle Pet Seat changes the size and weight distribution on a bicycle, extreme care shall be taken at all times. Users should make quick corrective action when its pets moves it weights and should reduce speed to ensure safe operations.
  • Users to pay attention on the safe operation of your bicycle, and the rules of the road. Do not allow your pets to become a distraction while riding.

The nature of cycling as a sport is inherently risky which includes possibilities for structural failure of equipment, collisions risk, weather risk, pothole mishaps, aquaplaning, and traffic accidents .. etc. There are added inherent dangers that may be associated with transporting a pet on a bicycle just as there are to you when riding a bicycle and in no way is Pets Tavern’s responsibility if injury/damages does occur. Only experienced adult cyclists, who are very confident in their abilities as a rider should transport a pet using Bicycle Pet Seat. The Bicycle Pet Seat is intended for leisure riding only.

Please note that due to bulk size, Bicycle Pet Seat is not eligible for free-shipping. Self-pickup are possible in certain jurisdictions, please hit the "Chat" to enquire more!